About us

Artisan Footwear, 100% Ecuadorian Brand. The founders were inspired by their love and passion towards restoring ancient traditions that came from our beloved Ecuadorian natives. Artisan Footwear uses bright and bold colors to blend in the traditional yet contemporary elements that our natives most commonly use.  Their mix in colors and modern designs makes Artisan Footwear a shoe design everyone must have in their closet.

Behind every single stitch we have Ecuadorians who are proud of their origins. With skilled working hands who are delighted to be part of our team, we can proudly say we will work harder and harder each day to be able to climb up the ladder that will skyrocket us to success making our ancestors proud of their lifestyle, culture and fashion sense.



Our mission was motivated by the need to exploit our artisan’s richness in color textiles plus raw materials and transform them into popular and trendy styles everyone would love to wear.


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Artisan Footwear

Have fun! Be yourself! Wear your artisans!